There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. 

At Foodsteps Nutritional Therapy I believe in bioindividuality, which means every body is different. A food that is healing for one person might be harmful to another. This is why I never guess at what could be causing your symptoms.

 I use lab testing to find out exactly what's going on inside your body. From there I create a custom nutrition, supplement and lifestyle program that's specifically designed for your unique needs. 

test. don't guess. 

Beating Cancer Without Chemo

Over 10 years ago I went in to my doctor for a routine checkup. What they found was anything but routine. The results of my tests showed that I had Stage 4 cervical cancer.

 I had two months to live...

I refused to accept this and was determined to find another way to survive without chemo, radiation, or drugs, and I did. 

The human body is designed to heal.

I firmly believe that we are born equipped with everything we need to be healthy. When people are unwell, the body is out of balance. At Foodsteps Nutritional Therapy I create a nutrition and lifestyle program specifically designed to rebalance your body, and get it to a place where it can heal itself.  

digestive disorders & nutrient DEFICIENCIES

Natural diabetes management & prevention

allergies & autoimmune conditions

Male & FEmale hormone balancing

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